Lockheed Martin Procure To Pay -- SHIP TO LMC and Barcoding

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Per Purchase Order requirements, the supplier shall utilize the Lockheed Martin Procure To Pay (P2P) – SHIP TO LMC module for barcoding to support all shipments. This web site has been de-activated and the supplier is redirected to the Exostar portal to accomplish the barcode requirement. For questions about the process, please contact the Lockheed Buyer.

The LMP2P SHIP TO LMC guidebook is located at:
To directly acccess the Exostar P2P Portal link go to: https://portal.exostar.com

The following Barcode requirement shall apply to all Purchase Orders. The supplier shall print and supply two barcode labels before shipping your product to Lockheed Martin. One label is to be attached to the container and the second label is to be attached to the packing slip. The barcode is created using the P2P “SHIP TO LMC” process. During the SHIP TO LMC process, an Inbound Delivery number will be created and displayed as part to the Barcode document. Creating the Inbound Delivery number is critical to processing the receipt and invoicing.