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Free Bar Code Generator

and Bar Coding Guide


Free Lockheed Martin Bar Code Generator     

Free Internet web-based Bar Code Generator program for your use.
Make your own labels for shipping to 40 different Lockheed Martin sites with 96 Ship To addresses!  So easy to use, it even remembers who you are  so you do not have to reenter the information each time. It is smart enough to know each site's specific specifications - so you do not have to know them.  Use this site and you automatically meet all of our specifications!  All you do is fill in the blanks and attach to the outside of your shipping container!   

To view an Orlando PowerPoint demo of how to use the Bar Code Generator, Click Here

To view a Dallas PowerPoint demo of how to use the Bar Code Generator, Click Here


Limited or No Internet Connections Where You Create the Bar Code???

Do you prepare your bar coded labels in an area that does not have an Internet connection?

Is there a problem with using the web-based Free Lockheed Martin Bar Code Generator?

If so, you may want to check this out.

Label Specifications and Instructions
Sourcing & Receiving Bar  Code Shipping Label Instructions and specifications
Technical descriptions and definitions of our Bar Code requirement if you not using our Free Bar Code Generator.  If you use our Free Bar Code Generator, you automatically meet the technical specifications and do not need to read these!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Includes explanations as to what are  the most common problems encountered while constructing our bar codes, plus addresses questions like:  Do I have to use the free bar code generator?  What do I put in the Serial Number field?  I do not have bar coding equipment.  They say they cannot read my bar code - why not?

If you need assistance or have questions about anything to do with this Bar Code initiative,  please click Contacts (located at the top and bottom of each page ) to get names and numbers of people that can help 


Why Bar Code?
A brief rationale describing  Bar Coding efforts and its benefits


Lockheed Martin Sites Using This Bar Coding Site


Missiles & Fire Control

Maritime Systems & Sensors Tactical Operations
Orlando, FL Moorestown, NJ Oldsmar, FL
Ocala, FL Camden, NJ Eagan, MN
Troy, AL Syracuse (Liverpool), NY .
Americus, GA Bridgeport, NJ Tactical Systems
Robins AFB, GA Akron, OH
Carlsbad, CA M&DS
Santa Barbara (Goleta), CA Phoenix (Goodyear), AZ Aeronautics
Dallas (Grand Prairie), TX Baltimore, MD
Camden, AR AeroParts Clarksburg, WV
El Paso, TX Johnstown, PA DFW (Coppell), TX
Lufkin, TX Ft. Worth (EGL), TX
Chelmsford, MA Sonar Systems Ft. Worth (Aero), TX
DFW (Coppell), TX Akron, OH Keesler AFB, MS
Marietta, GA
Technology Services Meridian, MS
Greenville, SC Palmdale, CA
Maritime Systems & Sensors San Antonio, TX Pinellas Park, FL
Baltimore, MD Hapeville, GA
Akron, OH Patuxent River, MD
Simulation Training & Support Roanoke, TX
Integrated Systems San Diego, CA
Akron, OH Ft. Worth (STS), TX
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June 18, 2007