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Common Process Revision Status

The Common Process Revision Status report link provides a list of released Lockheed Martin Common Materials and Processes Specifications. The 'NOR' field is defined as Advance Notice of Revision. Specifications bearing valid NOR revisions (excludes those identified as NONE) are fully-released engineering documents used as change notices or addendums. Valid NORs may represent changes in sections, figures, and/or tables within the Specification itself. When read with the Revision letter of a Specification (REV field), valid NOR revisions indicate engineering changes exist beyond the Specification revision stated.

Per Lockheed Martin Corporation procedures, a maximum of 5 NORs may be applied against any single specification Revision letter, after which a new Specification Revision is required. If a NOR indicates a number of '003', then NORs 001 through 003 are required in addition to the Specification itself.

Should you require NORs, please contact the Lockheed Martin Sourcing agent who issued your purchase order and identify the Specification Revision and NOR numbers needed.

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